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Welcome to Essentials!

Get ready to thoroughly investigate and then delightfully discover relevant and timeless truths as together we celebrate the power of God’s Word, the incredible value of women, and the life-changing impact of their stories through this Bible study called Essentials. We are convinced that as you do, you will grow to better understand your own story and God’s essential love for you!

The following 5 topics have been identified by women across the globe, from each and every generation, as essential:

  • Relationships that matter—Priscilla
  • Beauty that lasts—Esther
  • Education that has an impact—Huldah
  • Fertility and motherhood—Hannah
  • Creativity that leads to generosity—Lydia

Essentials Bible study is designed for individual and/or group study. These online teaching videos have been filmed in five different locations and include women from various backgrounds, cultures, and generations. PLUS, we are delighted to welcome Women in the Window International leaders as they share moments of reflection from Africa, Asia, America, and the Middle East.  

Yes, Essentials is a topical study, but it also includes a narrative inductive study of 5 key women: Priscilla, Esther, Huldah, Hannah, and Lydia. So whether you study alone or in a group, we hope you master the narrative inductive teaching method that includes these five inductive study steps:

Preparation; Observation, Interpretation, Application and Reflection.

So, grab your Bible, a copy of Essentials, and a few friends online or in person as together you –

Discover the Essentials for a Meaningful Life and an Eternal Legacy.

Download the Essentials infographic and worksheets.

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